Tadeusz Zorawski
CEO / Founder

Communication business leader with 24-year experience in media houses (UM / Universal McCann, PHD)

Passionate about smart technologies, communication, psychology and startup development for years now

Highly evaluated conference presenter on new trends and technology

Lecturer, author of publications, mentor

Followed by international smart technologies community on social media

Smart homes include intelligent systems for home management as well as devices and all we do in private life.

  • Smart Home Systems
  • Smart Devices
  • Smart Fashion

Smart solutions for healthcare, improving quality of life and allowing humans to live longer and stay in better shape.

  • Smart Body Augmentation
  • Smart Medical Research
  • Smart Life Enhancement

Connection is the important human need now. Currently, smartphones are our key devices. But what comes next?

  • Smart Glasses
  • Smart Wearables
  • Smart Social Systems

Smart Technologies

Smart technologies presented to you in a concise, comprehensive way. 

Grouped in six key areas - Connections, Health, Home, Travel, Work, World

Community in which you can find the best smart solution for you.

Meetings organised regularly at Brain Embassy in Warsaw, Poland.

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These are solutions for improving lives of millions and thousands of millions of people. They are (and are not limited to): 

  • Smart Cities
  • Smart Energy
  • Smart Food

Work gets supported by technologies of hardware (e.g. robotics, 3D printing) and software (e.g. AI and machine learning). 

  • Smart Analytics
  • Smart Organisations
  • Smart Business Solutions

If we are not home, we travel... and it gets easier now. There are both 'hardware' and 'software' developments in this area

  • Smart Transportation
  • Smart Travel Booking
  • Smart Cars

Smart Connections

Smart Health

Smart Home

Smart Travel

Smart Work

Smart World

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